Paternoster Square

  • ClientPaternoster Developments
  • Duration 1999 to 2000

Innovation minimises environmental impact at Paternoster Square demolition

As part of the ‘masterplan’ for the redevelopment of Paternoster Square, McGee carried out the demolition works on one of the remaining commercial buildings located adjacent to St Paul’s Cathedral.

In order to minimise the environmental impact of noise, dust and vibration, McGee launched its bespoke EX60 remote controlled excavator for the very first time.  Using manual excavators alongside the new remote controlled excavator, McGee carried out the systematic floor-by-floor demolition of both the superstructures and basement structures.  Both types of machines were fitted with hydraulic pulverisers and breakers to achieve a much quieter, controlled demolition.

Concrete and steel rubble, much of it reclaimable, was loaded into skips and transferred down to ground level by the site’s tower crane. The skips were loaded on to lorries and removed from site.

St Paul’s Cathedral is particularly vulnerable to subsidence. Since 1935, the cathedral has been protected by a Preservation Act.  McGee therefore carried out the constant monitoring for noise, earth movement and groundwater levels throughout the duration of the works.

Due to the fact that there was also the London Underground’s Central Line running in close proximity to the site, this also required extensive monitoring.

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  • Commercial

Scope of Work

  • Pre-demolition works
  • Asbestos survey, removal & disposal
  • Soft strip
  • Demolition
  • Design & installation of basement propping
  • Processing & recycling