Decontamination Overview

Safe, efficient and cost-effective decontamination services often mark the start of our projects and we bring a wealth of expertise and bespoke resources to ensure their success.

Whether we are operating in busy, densely populated areas such as railway terminals or city centres, or on large scale brownfield sites, we apply the same rigorous procedures to ensure optimum safety and efficiency.

Work with McGee and you will benefit from a level of in-house expertise which is unrivalled within the industry.

Our Pre-Construction team will develop a thorough Remediation Strategy and Development Plan that meets your business needs precisely.

Our specialist Asbestos team provides the surveying and safe removal of asbestos.

Highly qualified regulatory and certification experts will ensure your site meets the most rigorous of standards.

McGee‘s investment in decontamination best practice is significant and ongoing. Your project will be the better for it.