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Building a
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We all know that reducing emissions from buildings, at all stages of their lifecycle, is critical to the UK achieving a net zero future.

With our industry responsible for 25% of carbon emissions, our goal is to create meaningful change. We want to work with you at the early stages of design to ensure that the opportunity to deliver the maximum carbon benefit is retained by the project, from the outset.

A fundamental part of this is identifying ways to drive improved circularity into the design process and with our dedicated Carbon Engineering team, we believe that we are best placed to do this.

Our Carbon Engineers will work with our wider Construction Engineering Team to identify carbon saving opportunities and design these into our project solutions from the start, giving you options on how to deliver against Carbon, Cost and Programme objectives.

We need less greenwashing and more
collaboration for meaningful change.
Seb Fossey

We engineer a truly circular approach. We have been dismantling buildings for decades. Realising the responsibility, we have developed our practices to drive the industry forward and maintain material value throughout project lifecycles.

We can deliver circularity in construction by enabling reuse of materials across our clients and sites. By engaging early with us, we can help to eliminate waste on your project and offer zero carbon materials to embed into your proposed structure. At McGee we self-deliver, maintaining full control of the process, which reduces risk and maintains certainty.

How we’re
making a

It’s not our first time.



Where sustainability meets simplicity. Whether you’re an individual looking to reduce your environmental impact or a company striving for sustainability goals, our intuitive tool empowers you to make informed decisions.


Learn what we’re doing as business to reduce carbon impact.

We’re committed to achieving Net Zero emissions by 2040.

We’ve already made huge changes to our business and we continue to implement carbon reducing measures company wide, such as our recent conversion of key plant and haulage fleet to electric and hybrid.

In the last 10 years, we made a reduction of 100tCO2e/£m. Taking our carbon intensity to 50tCO2e/£m turnover.

We are using the greenhouse gas emissions data for our financial year 2020, as our baseline for future performance.

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