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Working in the community to help keep cyclists safe

On the 29th July, McGee held a Cycle Safety Event which took place on our demolition site at One Nine Elms in Vauxhall, London.  The event, which was supported and attended by the Metropolitan Police Cycle Task Force, London Fire Brigade, St John Ambulance and Havebike, gave cyclists extra insights and valuable tips intended to keep them – and their bicycles – safe.

This drop-in event gave visitors the opportunity to ‘exchange places’ with an experienced driver and meet a member of the Metropolitan Police Cycle Task Force team for an ‘in-cab’ safety briefing to get a better understanding of what a lorry driver can and can’t see; and also a demonstration of where vehicle blind spots exist.

The event was well attended by cyclists, as well as some pedestrians.  Feedback was very encouraging with all visitors who completed the feedback questionnaire saying that as a result of attending the event, it increased their awareness of the issues when cycling near lorries – and in some way, they would change their cycling habits after getting behind the wheel of our truck.  One cyclist said: “Getting in the cab gives you a new perspective.”

The majority also said they would urge other cyclists to go to similar events.

Emma Attwood, event organiser said: “Even if just one person said the event has helped them gain a better understanding of cycling road safety awareness, then the event still would’ve been incredibly worthwhile.  But, it could not have happened without the support and involvement from the Met Police, London Fire Brigade, St John Ambulance and Havebike, so I would especially like to thank them for getting involved and for working with McGee to make the event a success.”

Commenting on the event, Havebike’s John Mackessy said: “The havebike team were happy to be involved with McGee and the Metropolitan Police’s ‘Exchanging Places’ event at the Nine Elms site on Tuesday July 29th.  It is wonderful feeling to be able to combine work you are passionate about with a great cause.

“Of the cyclists who stopped for a safety-check and chat we were glad we could direct so many to McGee’s freshly liveried tipper with the bold new Cycle Safety Awareness graphic on its sides.”

To ensure as many people as possible got to hear about the event, 3,500 people in the local neighbourhood were emailed with details of the event.  Leaflets were also sent to local bike shops, along with posters displayed on the site’s hoarding.

Marc Byrne, Head of Neighbourhood Liaison, said: “The response from the local cycling community has been excellent and this has encouraged us to roll out our campaign in other boroughs in which we work.”

Free bike markings and registrations were also carried out by the Metropolitan Police Cycle Task Force.  Free cycle safety checks and maintenance were offered by premier bicycle maintenance provider, Havebike, and the St John Ambulance Cycle Responders also gave first aid advice and information on what to do in an emergency situation.

The McGee team handed out cycle safety information leaflets and hi-visibility vests to all visitors who stopped by the event.

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