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McGee supports Cleaner Air Action Days

The City of London has an ongoing problem with poor air quality and the main cause is emissions from road vehicles. Unnecessary vehicle engine idling by not switching off when stationary adds to the pollution. The City of London Corporation is holding two Cleaner Air Action Days on 17th and 31st March. Look out for the Air Quality Wardens who will be chatting to drivers and asking them to turn off their engines when parked!

McGee – operator of one of the largest and most recognised fleets of tipper lorries in the UK – is supporting the City of London’s campaign by encouraging drivers to switch off their engines while stationary. If stationary for more than 60 seconds, turning the engine off saves money on fuel, reduces wear and tear on the vehicle and improves the air quality of the area, which is better for everyone’s health.

Many businesses and organisations have pledged their support for cleaner air in the City of London and drivers across the area will be switching off on the 17th and 31st March. Will you?

Visit for more information on air quality in the City of London.