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McGee sponsors London Partnership Cycle Challenge

For the second year in a row, McGee was pleased to sponsor Southwark Cyclists’ London Partnership Cycle Challenge (LPCC 2019) which takes place at the iconic Herne Hill Velodrome every July.

The event is an opportunity for Southwark Cyclists to bring together cycling and safety partners for a day of cycling, team spirit and charity fundraising.

Participants get to discover cycling safety from every angle and meet the teams keeping London roads safe.

The cycling inspired day consists of track-bike cycling, including track bike familiarisation from trained coaches, cycling competitions and quizzes.

McGee sent two teams along to take part in the event.  Alongside McGee, representatives included TfL, Met Police, City Police, Southwark Cyclists, and other construction companies.

Well done to Thames Tideway who took the winning title!

The event also showcased disability cycling, the latest technology to understand HGV dangers, as well as the opportunity to ‘Exchange Places’ with a McGee driver to demonstrate a HGV’s blind spots.

All money raised over and above the event costs went to a number of road safety charities, including Road PeaceWheels for Wellbeing, The London Cycling Campaign and Herne Hill Velodrome Trust.