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Looking out for vulnerable road users

In February, McGee took a proactive approach to supporting CLOCS – Construction Logistics & Cyclist Safety – by supporting the CLOCS stand at this year’s London Bike Show which took place at London’s ExCeL exhibition centre,12th – 15th February.  McGee also supported the CLOCS annual progress event which took place on the 26th February, also at the ExCeL.

London Bike Show

Exhibiting at the show for the first time, the CLOCS stand featured three heavy trucks (from Mercedes and Cemex) which, in conjunction with the Metropolitan Police, were used to demonstrate to cyclists the large areas around big vehicles that are potentially invisible to the driver and some of the improvements CLOCS is pioneering to improve truck safety. The ‘Exchanging Places’ programme pioneered by the Metropolitan Police put cyclists in the driver’s seat so they could see and appreciate the blind spots.

The stand was co-funded by McGee and 23 other CLOCS ‘Champions’ – companies from across the construction industry or individual construction projects actively implementing the CLOCS Standard (WRRR).  It is the first national standard designed to help reduce collisions between trucks and all vulnerable road users such as cyclists, pedestrians and motorcyclists.  Together, CLOCS Champions are promoting the standard throughout their own fleets and their supply chains.

CLOCS Progress Event

The CLOCS progress event provided an update on all the things that the initiative has achieved with its Champions over the last year, involving an exhibition of a whole fleet of vehicles – including a McGee tipper truck – that have been designed specifically to improve the driver’s ability to spot cyclists and other vulnerable road users.

In partnership with the CLOCS programme, McGee launched the very first CLOCS branded tipper truck at this annual progress event.

McGee’s newly liveried tipper truck carries the full blue and white CLOCS branding across the entire body.  The CLOCS brand uses a strong yet simple illustrative style which is used to construct a scene to depict the brand message of ‘Looking out for vulnerable road users’.

McGee’s Group Transport Manager, John Kelly said: “CLOCS was looking for a way in which to further promote the brand and what it is about.  We therefore came up with the idea of wrapping a lorry in the CLOCS branding as this would be a really effective way to help with brand recognition as our lorries are constantly on the roads of London.”

McGee takes its responsibilities extremely seriously and has demonstrated for many years its commitment to cycle safety and the safety of other vulnerable road users through a number of initiatives and campaigns – including making modifications to trucks; revolutionising vehicle inspections through the use of mobile applications; installing additional safety equipment; driver training and hosting cycle safety events.

McGee is pleased to continue its work in a collaborative environment, helping to protect pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclists and other road users who share the roads with construction vehicles.

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