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Leading the way with effective noise monitoring

As part of McGee’s Innovation Strategy, we have developed a new way in which to more effectively monitor noise on our sites. Researched and developed by our in-house team and development partner, to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our neighbours and employees, this unique innovation has the potential to be groundbreaking – we call it the 360° Mobile Visual Noise Indicator.

As a company operating within the demolition and construction industries, noisy power tools, hammering and pneumatic impact tools are a daily feature on our sites. As a result of such activities, we know that we have a duty of care to employees to prevent, or reduce, risks to health and safety from exposure to noise at work – and this is reinforced by the fact that the industries in which we operate are included as those with the largest number of new cases of Noise-Induced Hearing Loss in the UK; as reported by the HSE.

In addition to protecting our employees from noise at work, we also monitor environmental noise – ensuring the uninterrupted operation of local businesses and the wellbeing of local residents.

As ‘off the shelf’ semi-permanent monitors do not give the ability to record in real time, as well as simultaneously provide a visual indicator, we developed an alternative method in which to monitor noise at work and environmental noise.

The new McGee monitor records in real time; it has a 360° traffic light visual indicator which gives the ability to respond immediately to pre-set trigger levels; it is waterproof, weatherproof and is easy to set-up and install alongside other noise monitoring equipment.

We believe that this takes noise monitoring above and beyond the industry’s best practice, to improve health and safety at work and environmental monitoring.

Paul Busby, 1 New Street Square Project Manager said: “The 360° Mobile Visual Noise Indicator gave me the ability to respond immediately to noise produced on site, ensuring a safe site and happy neighbours.”

Following the success of initial trials at 1 New Street Square, we are now rolling-out further trials during 2014. We’re so confident about the invention and the benefits it brings; we really do believe that it has the potential to be a huge success throughout the industries in which we operate. We’re proud to put our name to it.