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Excavation completed at Proton Beam Therapy site in London

The basement excavation for the Proton Beam Therapy Centre in London for UCLH has reached its deepest level below ground this week, 28.5m, after months of work.

Seb Fossey, Operations Director, said: “Working on behalf of Bouygues UK, we have undertaken the bulk excavation and main propping to deliver one of London’s largest excavations.  We are proud to deliver this key milestone for this hugely challenging and ambitious project. The sheer scale and complexities of this high profile inner-city excavation required innovative solutions to be applied to ensure delivery of the works – safely, efficiently and to an incredibly high standard for our client. I would like to congratulate the team on this tremendous achievement, further cementing McGee’s capability in delivering deep basements of this magnitude.”

McGee has installed 1,850 tonnes of temporary propping and removed 80,000 cubic metres of earth from the site, which will be home to one of two world-class NHS high energy proton beam therapy centres and will make a significant difference to the lives of NHS patients.

The low down

  • The deepest point is 28.5 metres below ground and the basement measures 87 metres long by 67 metres wide – big enough to contain the Royal Albert Hall.
  • 80,000 cubic metres of ground has been removed from the site. This is the equivalent of around 640 London buses.
  • 1,850 tonnes of temporary propping has been installed on site.
  • With five storeys below ground and six above, the height of the building (including below ground) is 57 metres, making it equivalent to London’s Tower Bridge.
  • 300 number of people have been involved the excavation.

Key partners in the successful delivery of the excavation for UCLH have been:

  • Bouygues UK, the main contractor for the project.
  • McGee, responsible for the bulk excavation and main propping of the centre.
  • Scott Tallon Walker Architects, architect and lead consultant.
  • Campbell Reith, structural, civil, geotechnical and environmental engineering consultants.
  • WSP, leading the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing design and the interface with the different contractors.
  • Fayat Piling Ltd, responsible for the piling and diaphragm wall of the centre.
  • Reach Active Ltd , responsible for all service diversions and utilities.