Demolition Overview

McGee is acknowledged as one of the leading demolition contractors in the UK and is trusted to undertake some of the most complex and challenging projects in the busiest parts of Central London, across the country and now internationally.

With over 50 years’ experience we have continued to pioneer methodologies and techniques designed to improve safety, drive efficiency and maximize cost effectiveness.  These include bottom-up deconstruction of high rise buildings and many techniques used to demolish infrastructure, commercial, office and retail buildings in city centre and urban environments.

It’s an approach which ensures we are the contractor of choice for the most testing projects; from working in busy city centers and live railway stations and airports to industrial, nuclear or power sites and sites of great historic significance.

Our sensitivity to the needs of local residents and a focus on the uninterrupted operation of businesses throughout is a priority on all of our projects.

We are proud of our solid track record as a dependable specialist with a unique ability to combine technical innovation with vast practical experience and extensive resources. Our demolition expertise is second to none.