Foundation Engineering & Piling

As a key support element to our main services, we have the expertise in a range of piling and wall installation techniques. These include large and small diameter bored piling, continuous flight auger piling (CFA) and restricted access piling.

We self-execute these works using our own employed labour and our own plant and machinery.  Our in-house design service means we are equally capable of undertaking contracts as a specialist subcontractor.

These techniques are used to form a variety of structures from foundations (bearing piles), deep basements, station boxes, underground car parks, bored pile retaining walls to cut-off walls and shafts.

We have a range of rotary and CFA piling equipment used to carry out the majority of the geotechnical works on our projects in all types of ground conditions.

Retaining Structures – Temporary and Permanent

Bored, cast-in-situ piles of either small or large diameter are frequently used as an efficient and economic method of constructing temporary or permanent retaining walls. These techniques are suitable for the creation of deep basements, underground structures and motorway cuttings, where working space is limited or adjacent to existing structures that require restraining. This enables the avoidance of excessive bulk excavation and helps to control ground movements. Our team are also capable of installing both continuous flight auger (CFA) and rotary piling methods. Pile diameters can be constructed up to 900mm for CFA and 1200mm for rotary methods.

We can construct these piles in most ground conditions, carrying their loads by friction, end-bearing, or a combination of both depending on the strata encountered.