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Leicester Square major milestone success

After months of meticulous planning, another major milestone was achieved on McGee’s Leicester Square project in February with the installation of 6No. 65t steel trusses on site, meaning that McGee has successfully installed around 400t of structural steel – all in just 3 nights. No mean feat considering the site is located in the heart of London’s West End, and a logistical challenge met head-on by the team.

Working for Edwardian Hotels London, McGee is providing a truly integrated delivery solution, and for that, they are hugely proud of their project team and all that they have achieved.

In fact, the project has progressed so far already that it would be easy to forget everything that has been achieved to date by McGee’s specialist delivery team. From the complex asbestos removal works and completing the demolition of the existing structure, to the design and installation of major temporary works which allowed them to remove 75,000m3 of spoil whilst excavating the deepest commercial basement in London, at 34m deep.

Construction of the ground floor slab which sits atop the 6-storey basement structure is a significant point in the project and signifies the commencement of the next phase of McGee’s integrated offering – construction of the 9-storey RC frame which sits above.

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