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Giving on-site safety the Thumbs Up

McGee’s Thumbs Up initiative is a safety campaign with the primary aim of creating a positive on-site safety culture.  Simply, it is designed to improve the way machine operatives and site workers communicate.

Giving a thumbs up gesture is all it takes to improve communication between plant operatives and site workers which in turn helps to improve safety around moving plant on-site.

When a site worker gives the thumbs up to a machine operator, they are checking that they have been seen and that it is safe to enter their work area.  The consequences of this simple but effective hand gesture can result in a life-saving decision being made.

Health and Safety statistics for the Construction sector in Great Britain reports 10% of 196 fatalities in the five years to 2016/2017 were as a result of being struck by a moving vehicle.

Such accidents are avoidable and this is why McGee has introduced this latest behavioural change initiative across all of its sites.

Upcoming Thumbs Up Toolbox Talks will remind site personnel of the importance of this universal hand gesture and will ensure all McGee sites are safe places to work.