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Sunset to sunrise: Gearing up for the 2016 Dunwich Dynamo

There are 148 days to go until McGee and Officers from the City of London Police join forces to tackle this year’s Dunwich Dynamo which is set to take place on 16th July.  It’s an annual semi-organised, through-the-night cycle ride from London Fields in Hackney, London to Dunwich on the Suffolk coast – a distance of approximately 120 miles.  Joining the mammoth cycle ride is all in a bid to help raise funds for McGee’s Charity of the Year, Joining Jack.

Former Wigan rugby player, Andy Johnson, and wife Alex, set up Joining Jack in 2012 after their son, Jack, was diagnosed in 2011 with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD) – one of the most common fatal genetic conditions in the world. However, recent scientific breakthroughs mean that the development of a treatment is closer than ever, and this will not only help Jack, but all sufferers of DMD.

To launch McGee’s support for Joining Jack, one of their lorries revealed a new look last month.  The 32 tonne tipper truck (pictured) features the red and black Joining Jack livery across its entire body.

Stuart Ford, City of London Police Officer, said: “I am delighted to be joining this year’s Dunwich Dynamo to help raise funds for Joining Jack.  I volunteer at a school and know several young children with DMD – it’s a horrible condition.  When I first saw McGee’s Joining Jack lorry last month I knew I had to help!  It was then I suggested we get a team together and cycle this year’s Dunwich Dynamo together.

“We’ve already got a great team on board, but we’re hoping for others to join us; it will be tough going but it’s for a great cause.”

If you would like to sponsor the team, you can do so by hitting the JustGiving button below.

With the money raised from Joining Jack’s army of supporters, it has been able to fund a vital gene therapy project.  Andy and Alex hope a £1million investment made by the charity this year could lead to a cure for every child suffering with DMD.

Many thanks for your support.

Further Information

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Photo L-R: City of London Police: Benjamin Ellen, Robert Sweet, Stuart Ford pictured with McGee’s Joining Jack truck and set to tackle the Dunwich Dynamo on 16th July.

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