Stakeholder Relationships

We have ongoing relationships with many stakeholder groups. At McGee we believe open and honest communication with stakeholders and understanding their opinions is crucial to our future success.

Our strategy involves improving these relationships by focusing on the areas that are important to them, such as the quality of service we provide to customers, the quality of information we provide to local communities around our works and the opportunities we provide to employees to accomplish their full potential.

McGee’s diverse range of stakeholders includes:


We gather employee feedback throughout the year through formal and informal channels and use the results to improve our employees’ workplace experience.


We continue to carry out regular customer surveys to gather feedback on the customer experience and focus our efforts on addressing any issues raised.


We engage in feedback sessions with all of our major suppliers, and maintain close communication – both at contract award stage and during contract delivery. To read more about our procurement process, please CLICK HERE.

Local Communities

Our Neighbourhood Liaison team maintain close links with communities at our existing sites, conducting community consultation where required.

We also actively contribute to the local communities in which we live and work through a range of initiatives and providing support to many worthy causes. To read more about our initiatives and the support we provide, please CLICK HERE.