Gender Pay Reporting

As an employer of more than 250 employees, McGee is required to publish data annually, showing:

  1. The gender pay gap (not to be confused with equal pay – see below)
  2. The proportion of men and women employed at different pay band quartiles
  3. Bonus payments

Gender pay is the difference in average earnings (expressed as a percentage) for all of our male employees compared with all of our female employees, irrespective of their roles in the business.

Equal pay, on the other hand, is a contractual right under UK law and means that individual men and women must get the same pay for doing equal work.

A large proportion of McGee’s workforce is men, due in large part to the challenge of attracting and retaining enough women to the construction sector.

On the snapshot date, 5th April 2017, the breakdown in gender representation was 90% Male and 10% Female.

This under-representation of women in the construction sector, in turn, has lead to an overall gender pay gap as shown in the table below:

A higher percentage of our female employees received a bonus payment than the percentage of males receiving a bonus payment and in addition, the median bonus of both males and females was the same.

However, due to the representation issues referred to earlier, on average, males received a higher bonus payment than females as shown in the table below: