1-3 Grosvenor Square

  • ClientLodha Group
  • Duration 2016 to 2017

Exemplary Neighbourhood Liaison delivered at 1-3 Grosvenor Square in the highly sought after Mayfair area of London

The soft strip, demolition and subsequent groundworks at 1-3 Grosvenor Square – formerly the Canadian High Commission – presented many challenges from the neighbourhood liaison viewpoint. Located in one of the most prestigious neighbourhoods in London, surrounded by a mixture of commercial and high-end residential estates and properties, the site was also next to the Italian Embassy which housed precious art treasures sensitive to noise, dust and vibration. The developers Lodha Group recognised the need to appoint an experienced, considerate and reputable contractor to carry out these works with a proven track record in excellent neighbourhood liaison and project delivery. McGee was delighted to provide both.

We appointed an experienced project team who had established contacts with Westminster City Council and a dedicated neighbourhood liaison resource. Positive early relations were established with key neighbourhood contacts – especially the Italian Embassy – and the sequence of works and levels of noise and disruption were identified and communicated accordingly.

A comprehensive state of the art real-time noise, vibration and dust monitoring regime was established to ensure that our works were at all times within set levels agreed with neighbours, the client and Westminster City Council.

The site team established a programme of regular formal and informal meetings with neighbours, supplemented by regular site newsletters and notices to update on forthcoming project works and events.

Electronic media such as Twitter and a WhatsApp group were also utilised. The project team was particularly sensitive to neighbourly requests for quiet times during the demolition phase such as for Consulate functions at the Embassy and the needs of other local commercial businesses.

The demolition and groundworks were not of course without their challenges and where issues did arise the site Project Manager and Neighbourhood Liaison Officer were quick to attend to the issue in person to mitigate and resolve without recourse to escalation.

Particular attention was paid to maintaining the highest industry standards in the external appearance of the site. An in-house mobile app was developed for hoarding inspections and all Traffic Marshalls received behavioural training in conjunction with the Local Authority. The Considerate Constructors Scheme recognised the ‘performance beyond compliance’ of the site on several visits.

Community engagement did not stop within the vicinity of the actual site and its environs as we engaged with local homeless charities to provide sponsorship and practical resource as well as the site being very active in supporting the McGee corporate charity events for Breast Cancer Now and Joining Jack.

In going above and beyond, the McGee site team delivered exemplary neighbourhood liaison for both the demolition and groundworks phase at a challenging site in the heart of Westminster. The success of this was recognised by a glowing unsolicited testimonial from the Italian Embassy at the completion of the demolition phase.

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